Friday, November 15, 2019

How to Rekey a Lock

Keys are one of the most often lost items in the United States - luckily EasyKeys can help! Lock Core Kits come with one lock core and two keys. Keep one key and store the other in a safe place or give to a trusted friend.

Lock core replacement kits are perfect for ensuring security after employee turnover. Changing the lock codes can prevent unauthorized employees (or former employees) from accessing the office furniture. The lock core kits can also provide a new employee with two keys for their new desk or file cabinet. Lock core kits are also used to rekey locks. It’s more convenient to use the same key for multiple locks, and rekeying locks can provide that ease. Who wants to carry multiple keys for one workstation? EasyKeys and lock core replacement kits can make your life easier.

In order to replace or change lock cores, a control key is required. A control key can also be called a change key, removal key, pull key, or core removal key. EasyKeys provides everything needed to replace a lock!

Ordering a lock core kit is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
  1. Click on the Shopping Cart
  2. Select your desired Manufacturer, Lock Series, and Lock Code
  3. Add 2 Keys, 1 Lock Core, and 1 Control Key

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

How to Find a Key Code on a Lock

Magnifying Card Lights are one of EasyKeys handiest products and with good reason! The magnifying glass with a light is small enough to carry with you, but has large benefits. Extremely convenient, this magnifying light is around the size of a credit card and can be taken anywhere in a pocket or a purse.

Lock codes are small, and can be difficult to read. Add the fact that some locks are located under desks and the codes might as well be invisible! The magnifying card lights are the perfect solution - just click the button to turn on a light and look through the magnifying glass to view the lock code.

If you are still having issues viewing the code, dab White Out over the lock code and wipe off the excess. The lock code will remain white, making it easier to identify. Then grab your EasyKeys magnifying card light to see the code clearly!

These cards are not only saving graces for dark offices and hard to read lock codes - you can use them for fine print on contracts or even menus in dimly lit restaurants! The possibilities are endless - what will you use them for?

If you already have your hands and pockets full, there is an app for that! Check out the Magnifying Glass + Flashlight app in the Apple Store or Play Store.