Monday, December 16, 2019

Fix a Wobbly Table with Self Leveling Furniture Glides

Interested in leveling up? Desire to create a stable working environment? We may not have the secrets to the latest video game or how to keep coworkers from arguing over the last donut in the break room, but we can keep your tables level. Furniture leveling feet are the solution to fix uneven, wobbly tables. offers two types of self leveling table glides - the Jacob Holtz SuperLevel and the Jacob Holtz TableShox.

The SuperLevel is an automatic, self-adjusting glide that permanently eliminates table wobble. SuperLevel table leg glides instantly and automatically self-adjust to an uneven floor. The table leg glides have a spring-and-ramp mechanism that is activated by the weight of the table. This spring-and-ramp action creates a permanent solution for table wobbling on an uneven floor. The SuperLevel even comes with an adhesive that allows mounting on a variety of fixtures.

SuperLevel Self Leveling Table Glides

Some more benefits of the Jacob Holtz SuperLevel are easy installation, corrosion resistant, and built to last made of nylon and impact resistant polypropylene combined with a heat treated stainless steel spring. The SuperLevel adjusts up to ¼’ and can hold 500lb per set of 4!

Another option from Jacob Holtz is the TableShox option. The TableShox is a furniture leg leveler that can be used indoors as well as outdoors, and automatically stabilizes the table. TableShox furniture leveling feet re-adjust every time the table is moved, and requires no adjustment! Save that time to handle the fight over the last donut. ;)

TableShox Self-Leveling Glides

The TableShox automatically adjusts to 5/16”, and has a swivel feature for increased stability. These table leg levelers are sturdy - made of steel, polyurethane, and impact resistant nylon - and can hold 400 lbs per set of 4!

So level up and create a stable work environment with one of our Jacob Holtz Self Leveling Table Glides!

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Electronic Locks for Office Furniture

Although we’re obviously pro-key, we understand it can be a hassle to be responsible for them. Lost, stolen, and forgotten keys are no longer a problem with electronic keyless locks. Electronic locks are also a solution for employee turnover, or a lock requiring multiple users - just provide the code and no keys are required! EasyKeys offers a variety of electronic locks for cabinets, desks, lockers, and cubicles. Electronic keypad locks can be controlled by the keypad, key fobs, Bluetooth, NFC or ProxCards depending on the option selected. Battery operated, the electronic locks are reliable, and can operate 3 or more years before requiring a replacement.

EasyKeys carries the brand MicroIQ, which has several locking mechanisms available that will allow you to replace most locks. MicroIQ retrofits and replaces the lock cores of multiple furniture and lock manufacturers (Hon, Haworth, Kimball, Knoll, and Steelcase to name a few!). Just remove the current lock core and insert the MicroIQ electronic lock. Depending on your specific needs, MicroIQ has an option for you. There are two available modes – station and locker mode.

The station mode refers to an office environment or workstation where there is typically one user of the lock. The lock is used repeatedly by the same user with one keypad code and / or one key fob. A key fob can be programed to as many locks as desired which enables the users to have one key fob for multiple locks. The station mode electronic locks can handle a total of three unique access codes and / or key fobs in order to provide security management.

The locker mode refers to a space such as a school, club, or hotel where temporary codes are necessary. These locations require multiple users with temporary but individual codes to provide access to a locker or storage unit.

Station or locker mode must be specified at the time of order. Providing even more versatility, the MicroIQ locks can be switched between the two modes.

Security is a priority and easy with the MicroIQ locks. AutoTraq is an optional software that provides tracking of the users and their access. The AutoTraq software provides compliance data and additional peace of mind for those high security items.

CompX National RegulatoR Manual Locking Electronic Lock

CompX National RegulatoR Self-Locking Electronic Lock

Micro IQ Electronic Locks

For assistance selecting the optimal electronic lock for your needs, contact a real human in customer service at or toll-free at 877.839.5397.

Upgrade your locks and enjoy the ease of access that electronic keypad locks provide!