Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Identifying the Correct Strike Plate for your Lock

What is a strike plate? A strike plate is a metal plate that has a hole or holes for the bolt of a lock. The strike plate is typically attached by screws, and is aligned with the lock. Aligning the strike plate with the lock allows the latch to have a place to fit into when the door is closed. Strike plates also add protection and security to the locks, especially when using longer screws to install the plate. Another type of protection provided by strike plates is to help protect the doors from the rubbing that comes with use of locks.

The right strike plate for your lock can be found by measuring the lock and identifying the shape of the latch and door frame. EasyKeys has various options, including the correct strike plate for you!

Some of our best sellers are listed below, but there are many more available on our strike plates page.

CompX Timberline Strike Plate
 CompX Timberline Strike Plate

Angled strike plate, 90 degree, Screw-Mounted, Black finish

CompX Timberline Strike Plate

Timberline angle strike plate, 90 Degree, screw-mounted - works with CB-250 lock and other Timberline locks.

CompX Timberline Strike Plate

Timberline strike plate - works with CB-250 lock and other Timberline locks.

CompX Timberline Strike Plate

Screw-Mounted, Black finish. Strike plate works best with retracting and protracting bolts like on CB-230 and CB-280 locks.

As always, EasyKeys is happy to assist with any questions. However, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, EasKeys services are operating at a limited capacity. Please use LiveChat or Email for Customer Support during this time. We hope you are all safe and healthy!

Monday, March 16, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Cam Locks

EasyKeys.com has just the cam lock for your needs!  We have cam locks for furniture, cam locks for cabinets, and cam locks for drawers.  Before we start sounding too much like Bubba Blue from Forrest Gump, let’s just say we have it covered.  EasyKeys.com offers a wide selection of cam locks by ESP Lock, CompX Security, CCL, A-ZUM, Craftsman, Kimball Office, Olympus Lock, Ojmar, and Wesko.  Now we definitely sound like Bubba! 

Cam locks are a type of lock that does not require an entire locking mechanism, and work pretty simply.  The lock has a cam - the metal piece that goes inside of the door or drawer - and it will hold the door or drawer shut.  With the key, the lock turns either 90 or 180 degrees, which causes the cam to turn and release the door or drawer. Cam locks can be installed to fit your exact need - either turning the cam right or left, or up and down.  Another option available is the offset cam. An offset cam allows the locks to be used when the drawer or door is not flush.

To find your perfect cam lock, you will need to measure the thickness of the door or drawer, as well as the length from the lock hole to the edge of the molding or furniture.

Our cam lock options will work for wooden cabinets, doors, or drawers.  As always, if you need assistance finding the correct option for you, please contact us!

Here are a few of our most popular options:

ESP 5/8" Cam Lock
This lock comes with two keys, includes parts to allow for 90 to 180 degree rotation, restricted key pull, and straight or offset cams.  Duplicate keys can be made from IN8 key blanks.

CompX Timberline Double Door Cam Lock

This cam lock is available as just the cylinder body or as a lock kit with a lock core and key.  These locks are available keyed alike or keyed differently. This double door cam lock requires a 16.5 mm hole for installation.  Strike plates are not included but can be ordered.  

CompX National Disc Tumbler 1-3/4" Cam Locks
This CompX cam lock is for drawers, R.H. or L.H. doors with lipped/overlay construction (straight cam) or flush construction (formed cam). For an overlay application, the combined thickness of front and frame cannot exceed the 1 3/4" cylinder length.  The cam turn can be 90 or 180 degrees, and the key is removable in the locked and unlocked position. Includes two keys, trim washer, spur washer (for wood), mounting nut, two cams, and two stop washers. FlexaCam spacers are also supplied.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Replacement Lock Options For Your Mailbox

You’ve got mail! Although this reference may be outdated, snail mail is still current.

There are many types of mail and even though some are more exciting than others - like a birthday card versus a bill - all of them are important. Whether it’s a card from your mom, or (hopefully) a check, mail needs to be kept secure. That’s where mailbox locks come in!

EasyKeys carries multiple mailbox lock and mailbox key options, including options for interior and exterior mailboxes. All of the mailbox locks carried at EasyKeys have been approved by the United States Postal Service and are quality mailbox lock replacements. Various secure mailbox locks and keys are available from multiple manufacturers such as ESP / Hudson Lock, CompX National, CCL Security Products, and Wind Hardware and Engineering. As always, our lock pros can help you find the perfect lock for your needs!

ESP Non-Dust Shuttered Spring Clip

The ESP Non-Dust Shuttered Spring Clip lock is a universal mailbox lock package that is keyed differently. One lock comes with two keys, five OEM replacement cams, and two different gauge mounting clips. The key rotates counter-clockwise 90 degrees and the key is removable in the locked position only. This lock package has the option of being master keyed with six or more packages.

ESP Threaded Hex Nut

The ESP Threaded Hex Nut lock comes with two nickel plated keys, five OEM replacement cams, and a mount with a hex nut. The cylinder length is 812, and the face diameter is ⅞”. The key rotates counter-clockwise 90 degrees, and the key is only removable in the locked position. This lock is ideal for high security applications with oversized door thickness.

CompX National Pin Tumbler Mailbox Lock

The CompX National Pin Tumbler Mailbox Lock is for exterior pedestal-mounted neighborhood boxes. This lock includes a keyway dust shutter for lock protection, and is clip mounted. The C9100 and C9200 are the only mailbox locks approved by the USPS for 4C (CBU) mailboxes. The C9100 operates clockwise, while the C9200 operates counter clockwise. The key is removable in locked position only. This lock is only available keyed differently and includes a spring clip, mounting nut, and three keys.

Postal locks for mailboxes are commonly found in colleges, universities, commercial buildings, and mail centers. Regardless of the location or options needed, EasyKeys has the ideal lock for you.

Friday, February 14, 2020

How to Remove a Broken Key from a Lock

EasyKeys.com can’t solve all your problems – like a sore back or a dripping faucet, but we can help with a few others! One of which is a broken key stuck inside of a lock core. Keys can break in lock cores for several reasons including becoming old and frail, the lock is gummed up, or if the user is the Hulk and turns too hard.

If you are a visual learner, check out our YouTube video: How to Remove a Broken Key from a File Cabinet Lock or Desk Lock.

And remember to order a replacement for the broken key!

The solution is the broken key extractor tool. A broken key extractor fits into the lock core and essentially grabs the broken piece of the key. When the broken key extractor is pulled from the lock core, it also removes the piece of the key, leaving the lock usable. There are multiple types of broken key extractors available. To find the correct option for you, see below.

If there is space around the cut side of the broken key:

Pick the Saw Blade Style
Saw Tooth Key Removal Tool
The saw blade works by gripping the cuts of the key. Insert the extractor with the saw blade facing the side of the cut key. Apply a little pressure onto the cut side of the key while pulling the extractor out of the core.

If there is no space around the cut side of the broken key:

Pick the Spiral Style
Spiral Blade Key Removal Tool
While inserting the extractor on either side of the key, twist or spin the extractor to the right. Continue twisting while pulling the extractor out of the core.

Another available option is the hook style. This extractor has a small hook on the end and is made of steel.
Hook Style Broken Key Extractor Tool

EasyKeys.com also offers an interchangeable extractor set which covers it all! The HPC Interchangeable Extractor Set is the most popular on the market. It is compact, which allows you to carry a variety of extractors inside one tiny set. The set includes 4 extractor blades (1 saw blade, 3 spiral blades of various sizes) stored inside a hollow handle. Replacement blades are also available if you happen to misplace one.
Interchangeable Broken Key Extractor Set

If you need more assistance picking the correct tool for your lock, let us help.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Thumb Turn Locks

It’s as easy as snapping your fingers!

If you can snap your fingers, you can turn a thumb turn lock. What is a thumb turn lock? Thumb turn locks are an oval or circular shaped lock that operates by turning the grip. Thumb turn locks do not require a key to lock and unlock. EasyKeys.com carries multiple thumb turn lock sets for non-secure applications such as panel doors, storage cabinet doors, RV storage boxes, and more. The thumb turn locks are versatile and can be applied accordingly to provide a clockwise or counterclockwise application. EasyKeys provides ESP Lock and Wind Danbury brand thumb turn lock sets that have threaded shells, come staked to a 90-degree rotation, and include everything necessary to perform all locking functions.

How to install a thumb turn lock? It’s easy! Installing a thumb turn lock is the same as installing a regular cam lock. Locate the position of the lock on the door or drawer, and if there is no existing hole, drill one for the thumb turn lock. Insert the thumb turn lock into the hole and align the lock as desired. From the inside, place the washer and hex nut onto the lock and tighten while holding the lock secure on the outside. A spur washer is included for wood installation. If more help is needed, contact our customer service team at info@easykeys.com or at 877.839.5397.

ESP Thumb Turn Locks

ESP Lock offers multiple size options for thumb turn locks to ensure finding the perfect fit for your needs. Three depths are available: 5/8”, 7/8”, and 1-1/8”. The ESP Hudson Lock thumb turn cam locks are a bright nickel finish, and include a hex nut, sem screw, 1-1/4” straight cam, 1-1/8” x ¼” offset cam, super washer, and a 1/8” cylinder ring.

Windbury Thumb Turn Locks

The Wind Danbury thumb turn locks are also available in multiple sizes, and are chrome plated. These thumb turn locks come with two levers, one prong washer, one collar, hex nut, and a mounting screw with washer.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Push Button Locks for Doors and Cabinets

Plunger or push button locks, whatever name you prefer – EasyKeys has them!

Push button locks and plunger locks are used for cabinets, showcases, office furniture, and sliding door applications. This type of lock locks by pushing the lock cylinder into the mechanism, and then is unlocked by the corresponding key.

EasyKeys has multiple options available for push button or plunger locks.

The CompX Timberline Push Button / Plunger Lock can be purchased as just the cylinder body or as a lock kit with the lock core and key. If ordering multiple locks, the option of having the locks keyed alike or differently is available – which means either all using the same key or each lock requiring an individual key. This commercial push button lock housing is made from black toughened nylon and is most commonly mounted on 1” thick material.

ESP makes a Flush Mount Plunger Lock Package that includes a plunger lock with two keys. This lock package is designed for passing wood doors and can be keyed alike or keyed differently. Included in the package is a nickel cup strike, and two mounting screws. 

The Olympus Lock Plunger Lock is most commonly used on wood or metal furniture sliding doors. This lock features a rekeyable cylinder via its speed release mechanism on the side. A bold extender is included as a solution for varying gaps between passing doors. This lock comes in three different finishes – satin chrome, polished brass, rubbed bronze - to match whatever furniture you have!

Wesko’s push button / plunger lock comes with a small adapter so that it is easily rekeyable with the Wesko W series lock cores. Since this lock can use the Wesko W series, a master key system is available. This is very convenient for offices or spaces where there is employee turnover.

Wesko Push Button / Plunger Lock UL-EASY-48

For assistance selecting the optimal push button lock for your needs, contact a real human in customer service at info@easykeys.com or toll-free at 877.839.5397.