Tuesday, March 26, 2024

EasyKeys is Delivering Mailbox Locks

First up this week is the CompX National Pin Tumbler Mailbox Lock. This lock is for exterior pedestal-mounted neighborhood boxes and are the only mailbox locks approved by USPS for 4C (CBU) mailboxes!  The C9100 operates clockwise, and the C9200 operates counterclockwise.  The keyway has a dust shutter for lock protection.  This lock includes a spring clip, mounting nut, and three keys.

Next, we have the Architectural Mailbox Lock and Keys for the Oasis 6200 Series. This Architectural Mailbox lock is high security and comes with two pre-cut keys. This lock is made for the Architectural Mailbox 6200 Oasis Classic and the 620020 Oasis TriBolt models. Each lock is a zinc plated cam lock with a zinc die cast cylinder.

Finally, is the ESP Non-Dust Shuttered Spring Clip. This universal mailbox lock package includes one lock with two keys, five OEM replacement cams, and two different gauge mounting clips. The key rotates counterclockwise 90 degrees, and the key is removable in locked position only.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Long Time No See? No Problem with EasyKeys!

Have locks that haven’t been used in a while? We have just the solution!

First up is the Lucky Line Houdini Lock Lube. The Houdini Lock Lube lubricates locks for smooth operation, eliminating issues with sticking and jamming. It penetrates tight spaces for effective protection of the small parts of locks, hinges, and bearings. This lubricant also cleans as it lubricates, and prevents corrosion and rust! The Lucky Line Houdini Lock Lube includes a straw for precision application, and does not contain any oil, grease, graphite, silicone, or Teflon.

Next, we have the HPC Graphite Gun. This Graphite Gun is perfect to use before picking or impressioning to loosen tight wafers or pins. Graphite is also an excellent lubricant for machines! Containing approximately 1/3 oz (8.5g) of natural graphite, this gun can be refilled with the HPC Bulk Graphite.

Finally, we have the Slip Plate Tube-O-Lube Dry Powdered Graphite Lubricant. This item is manufactured in the USA and contains 0.21 oz (6 grams) of dry powdered lubricant. As a word to the wise, apply lubricant directly to the key when lubricating locks. The graphite powder works better when applied by using 2-3 puffs of the Tube-O-Lube powder to the key and then insert the key to lubricate the lock. Applying the graphite powder directly to the lock may cause an undesired buildup in the locking mechanism.

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Lighten Your Load with Heavy Equipment Keys

This week, we are showcasing Heavy Equipment Keys. Heavy equipment includes excavators, forklifts, backhoes, compactors, graders, lawn mowers, tractors, and more! EasyKeys provides replacement heavy equipment keys for manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Kubota, John Deere, Komatsu, Bobcat, Ford, and many others. Check out all our available options here
Next, we have the Lucky Line Label-It Key Tags with Labels. Organize those heavy equipment keys (or any others!) with key tags that are durable and water-resistant. Use included custom die-cut labels or a permanent marker to specify purpose in the 1 1/8” recessed area. Each tag includes a ¾” key ring, pre-formatted labels, and printing instructions. These tags are sold in 14 count packs and come in blue, lime, melon, lilac, magenta, lemon, and white.
Finally, keep those keys secure and readily available with the Key-Bak Securit MOLLE Heavy Duty Carabiner Retractable Keychain. This retractable keychain includes a MOLLE friendly hook and loop strap. The Securit has a strong molded black polycarbonate case and a retractable 48” cord made with DuPont™ Kevlar ® fiber cord. Easily attach your keys or small tools to the split ring and secure the strap to your work bag, backpack, or any round handle or pipe. Available in black or hunter green, this Securit holds up to 15 keys or 8 to 10 oz!

Get a Handle on Things with EasyKeys!

First up this week is the CCL Lever Lock Handle. This lock handle is furnished for one, two, or three point locking, right or left hand doors, and with 90 or 180 degrees rotation. The square spindle allows cams to be mounted at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. The regularly furnished spindle length is 25/32” and 3-1/2” long, and the mounting hole dimensions are 1 ½” from center to center. A plug removal access hole is on the shank of the handle to allow for removal of plug assembly for rekeying purposes.

Next is the CompX National L-Handle Keyed Cam Lock. This lock handle is made of zinc die-cast and has a chrome plated finish. The mounting hole dimensions are 1 13/16” from center to center with the cam length at 3 inches. With the unlocking radius of 90 degrees, the unlock turn direction is clockwise. This cam lock includes two keys and mounting hardware with the keyway keyed to C415A.

Finally, we have the Tennsco Lock Handle. These are OEM Tennsco lock handles and replace the SC100 – SC899, BP500 – BP999, and CH501 – CH620 series handles. Each comes with a lock handle and a dummy handle (single lock handles with no dummy handle are also available here). The mounting hold dimensions are 1 ½” from center to center and come in a polished chrome finish.