Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Identifying the Correct Strike Plate for your Lock

What is a strike plate? A strike plate is a metal plate that has a hole or holes for the bolt of a lock. The strike plate is typically attached by screws, and is aligned with the lock. Aligning the strike plate with the lock allows the latch to have a place to fit into when the door is closed. Strike plates also add protection and security to the locks, especially when using longer screws to install the plate. Another type of protection provided by strike plates is to help protect the doors from the rubbing that comes with use of locks.

The right strike plate for your lock can be found by measuring the lock and identifying the shape of the latch and door frame. EasyKeys has various options, including the correct strike plate for you!

Some of our best sellers are listed below, but there are many more available on our strike plates page.

CompX Timberline Strike Plate
 CompX Timberline Strike Plate

Angled strike plate, 90 degree, Screw-Mounted, Black finish

CompX Timberline Strike Plate

Timberline angle strike plate, 90 Degree, screw-mounted - works with CB-250 lock and other Timberline locks.

CompX Timberline Strike Plate

Timberline strike plate - works with CB-250 lock and other Timberline locks.

CompX Timberline Strike Plate

Screw-Mounted, Black finish. Strike plate works best with retracting and protracting bolts like on CB-230 and CB-280 locks.

As always, EasyKeys is happy to assist with any questions. However, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, EasKeys services are operating at a limited capacity. Please use LiveChat or Email for Customer Support during this time. We hope you are all safe and healthy!

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