Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Replacement Lock Options For Your Mailbox

You’ve got mail! Although this reference may be outdated, snail mail is still current.

There are many types of mail and even though some are more exciting than others - like a birthday card versus a bill - all of them are important. Whether it’s a card from your mom, or (hopefully) a check, mail needs to be kept secure. That’s where mailbox locks come in!

EasyKeys carries multiple mailbox lock and mailbox key options, including options for interior and exterior mailboxes. All of the mailbox locks carried at EasyKeys have been approved by the United States Postal Service and are quality mailbox lock replacements. Various secure mailbox locks and keys are available from multiple manufacturers such as ESP / Hudson Lock, CompX National, CCL Security Products, and Wind Hardware and Engineering. As always, our lock pros can help you find the perfect lock for your needs!

ESP Non-Dust Shuttered Spring Clip

The ESP Non-Dust Shuttered Spring Clip lock is a universal mailbox lock package that is keyed differently. One lock comes with two keys, five OEM replacement cams, and two different gauge mounting clips. The key rotates counter-clockwise 90 degrees and the key is removable in the locked position only. This lock package has the option of being master keyed with six or more packages.

ESP Threaded Hex Nut

The ESP Threaded Hex Nut lock comes with two nickel plated keys, five OEM replacement cams, and a mount with a hex nut. The cylinder length is 812, and the face diameter is ⅞”. The key rotates counter-clockwise 90 degrees, and the key is only removable in the locked position. This lock is ideal for high security applications with oversized door thickness.

CompX National Pin Tumbler Mailbox Lock

The CompX National Pin Tumbler Mailbox Lock is for exterior pedestal-mounted neighborhood boxes. This lock includes a keyway dust shutter for lock protection, and is clip mounted. The C9100 and C9200 are the only mailbox locks approved by the USPS for 4C (CBU) mailboxes. The C9100 operates clockwise, while the C9200 operates counter clockwise. The key is removable in locked position only. This lock is only available keyed differently and includes a spring clip, mounting nut, and three keys.

Postal locks for mailboxes are commonly found in colleges, universities, commercial buildings, and mail centers. Regardless of the location or options needed, EasyKeys has the ideal lock for you.


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