Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Remove a Broken Key from a Lock πŸ”‘

EasyKeys.com can’t solve all your problems – like a sore back or a dripping faucet, but we can help with a few others! One of which is a broken key stuck inside of a lock core. Keys can break in lock cores for several reasons including becoming old and frail, the lock is gummed up, or if the user is the Hulk and turns too hard.

The solution is the broken key extractor tool. A broken key extractor fits into the lock core and essentially grabs the broken piece of the key. When the broken key extractor is pulled from the lock core, it also removes the piece of the key, leaving the lock usable. There are multiple types of broken key extractors available. To find the correct option for you, see below.

If there is space around the cut side of the broken key:

Pick the Saw Blade Style.

The saw blade works by gripping the cuts of the key. Insert the extractor with the saw blade facing the side of the cut key. Apply a little pressure onto the cut side of the key while pulling the extractor out of the core.

If there is no space around the cut side of the broken key:

Pick the Spiral Style.

While inserting the extractor on either side of the key, twist or spin the extractor to the right. Continue twisting while pulling the extractor out of the core.

Another available option is the Hook Style.

This extractor has a small hook on the end and is made of steel.

EasyKeys.com also offers an interchangeable extractor set which covers it all! The HPC Interchangeable Extractor Set is the most popular on the market. It is compact, which allows you to carry a variety of extractors inside one tiny set. The set includes 4 extractor blades (1 saw blade, 3 spiral blades of various sizes) stored inside a hollow handle. Replacement blades are also available if you happen to misplace one.

A magnifying card light is a helpful tool to use for the broken key extraction. This slim tool can light and magnify the lock core, making it easier to see the necessary details. This is also great for seeing small lock codes, or even seeing a menu in a dark restaurant! πŸ˜‰

If you need more assistance picking the correct tool for your lock, let us help.

If you are a visual learner, check out our YouTube video: How to Remove a Broken Key from a File Cabinet Lock or Desk Lock.

And remember to order a replacement for the broken key!

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