Tuesday, May 14, 2024

💥Under $5 Lock Cores, $5 Keys!💥

These days, $5 doesn't go very far. 

You may be able to get a 6 piece McNugget or a tall coffee from Starbucks, but at EasyKeys, we’re delivering a lot for less than $5!

Haworth SL series lock cores and keys are under $5 each!

Get a lock core and / or key within the SL series for only $4.87 each.

Lock cores for the Haworth SL series are available in chrome and black

Did you know? The Haworth SL, ML, and HW series can all be interchanged! Changing lock cores can make it easy to streamline lock numbers / keys as well as increasing security by exchanging lock codes. In order to change lock cores, a control key is necessary. Haworth has three control keys available: CK-1, CK-2, and CK-3. CK-1 is used for the SL001-SL300 series as well as the ML001-ML300 series. The rest of the ML series, ML401-ML700, requires CK-2, and the HW series (HW001-HW300) requires the CK-3. Another helpful key is the Master Key. A master key locks and unlocks every key within a specific manufacturer and series (if available). While there is no master key for the SL series, there are master keys available for the ML and HW series.

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