Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Best Padlocks Throughout History

Security has been a priority for people since the beginning of time, which helped encourage the creation of padlocks. These types of locks have been around for thousands of years, and remain a consistent provider of security. Padlocks are small and portable, which provides the freedom to use the lock in many different locations.

After the creation of a padlock design (the oldest recorded padlocks are the Roman padlocks from 500 BC), this style of lock spread through the use of trade merchants and became common.

Roman Padlock
Viking padlocks were made to secure tribesmen’s paddocks, which could be where the name “padlock” originated. Another type of popular padlock was dubbed the “smokehouse padlock.” Smokehouses became frequently used in England to preserve food. In order to prevent theft from animals and humans alike, the padlock later called the smokehouse padlock was created. This type of padlock used a key, but was not up to security standards of today since it could be picked without leaving any evidence. A new type of padlock called the “cast heart padlock” was created in Scandinavia. These locks were made from bronze or brass which made them strong and weather resistant. Because of that and the ability to mass produce, the cast heart padlock grew in popularity. These locks were shaped similarly to a heart shape and could have contributed to the “love lock” tradition where couples attach a padlock to a bridge or fence, symbolizing their love.

Cast Heart Padlock

Padlocks have evolved and changed over the years, but continue to be a symbol of and provide security for various areas and items. EasyKeys carries multiple options to suit any potential need. We have padlocks of different materials; options for indoors and outdoors; combination padlocks or keyed padlocks; and even color choices! Whether you’re looking for a lock for school lockers, an ABUS lock bar, or even to symbolize your love - EasyKeys has the best padlock for you.

Take a look at some of our best padlock options below, or click here to see them all!

Brass Padlock

A brass padlock with 2 keys. These can be keyed alike or differently.

Aluminum Alloy Padlock

An aluminum alloy padlock: light, but secure. 1/4-Inch diameter shackle made of hardened steel with NANO PROTECT™ coating for extra corrosion resistance. These can be keyed alike or differently.
Combination Padlock
A combination padlock with a heavy duty solid zinc body with chrome plating for weather resistance. This lock also requires no tools required to change combination.