Thursday, September 19, 2019

Secure your Business with a File Locking Bar

Afraid Karen is going to take your M&Ms? Or maybe you need to protect something a little more serious like employee information, tax files, or even Peanut M&Ms!

File locking bars are a great solution to add extra security to an existing file cabinet. File cabinet lock bars attach to the outside of a file cabinet and are secured with a padlock. Even if someone has a key for the existing lock core in your furniture, the additional padlock would require a new and unique key.

The external file cabinet lock bars are determined by the size of your furniture piece – Easykeys provides multiple sizes ranging from one drawer all the way up to 5 drawer filing cabinets. The ABUS filebars are constructed of 16-gauge steel and include the screws required for mounting. The file locking bars are reversible and can be mounted on the left or right side of the cabinet, making it even more accomodating for your space. File cabinet lock bars are so secure they meet the DoD industrial security requirements!

File Cabinet Lock Bar

Click the option with your file cabinet drawer quantity to find more information and purchase. provides instructions for installation along with real human customer service if more assistance is needed.